Theme Wedding – Delftware

At the beginning of this year Pantone released the 2020 color of the year and it was Classic Blue.  I wrote a post about using this color as inspiration and offered ideas and suggestion on creating a beautiful Blue Wedding, for more information please click on the link.  Delftware is known for its distinctive deep blue color known as Delft blue and it is very similar to the Pantone Classic Blue.  For this reason I thought I would discuss incorporating delftware style items into the design of a Classic Blue Wedding.   

Delftware is a very specific style of beautiful blue and white tin-glazed earthenware produced in Delft, Holland (hence the name!)  The evolution of the style began in Belgium where artisians were producing a type of pottery known as Majolica using techniques similar to those found in Spain and Italy during the 16th century.  After the Belgium potters relocated to Holland in the early 17th century they began to combine tin-glazed earthenware with painting techniques similar in style to the popular Chinese porcelain but instead of Asian themes the pottery was painted with Dutch landscapes with windmills and European floral patterns. 

Original Delftware items from Holland can be very expensive and hard to find.  If you are lucky, you can find Delftware items online directly from sources in Holland or in antique stores or through websites such as EBay.  Special Note: If you are selecting original delftware items for your wedding decorations please keep in mind that these pieces can be fragile and that there is always a potential risk for breakage.

Today, beautiful items are being produced that have the look of delftware but at much more affordable prices.  The delft style items available range from place settings which include dishes and glassware to serving pieces such as platters or cake stands to decorative pieces such as vases and figurines.  The delft style is also reproduced in fabric items such as tablecloths, napkins and pillows as well as paper products such as wedding invitations, place cards and menu cards.

delftware plate

Ceremony decorations

As I previously stated, delft style items would pair beautifully with a Classic Blue Wedding theme and could be used for either an indoor or outdoor wedding ceremony.  Shown below is a beautiful “tulip” vase that could be filled with flowers and placed on a white pedestal, I would definitely secure the vase with glue dots to keep it in place in case.  Another idea using the same vases would be to place them on the floor at the end of each row of chairs and fill with flowers to make a stunning aisle decoration for the wedding ceremony.  If the budget would not allow vases for every row, consider placing just a few vases along the aisle.  Special note: If you are concerned about guests tipping the vases or breakage, consider taking off the main aisle and have guests enter the row from the side.  

Tulip vase from Amazon

Reception decorations

Delftware style decorations would be wonderful incorporated into a Blue Wedding themed reception.  A lovely delft style vase could be filled with beautiful flowers for the reception guest tables and more vases could be placed on the guest book table or escort card table. 

Delftware vase from the

Shown above is a delftware candlestick that could also be used on the guest tables

Shown above are delft style house tiles that could be used
for table numbers on the guest table at the wedding reception

Another idea for a simple white wedding cake is to use a small delftware vase filled with flowers would make a perfect cake topper, be sure to take into consideration the dimensions of the wedding cake because that would determine the size of the vase (also if the vase is too heavy it can sink into the cake!)

Shown below is delicious idea for another food item to serve at a wedding reception and these cookies were made to resemble delft style tiles.

Other wedding items

Delft jewelry would be a wonderful gift idea for the bride & groom and the bridesmaids & ushers.  Another idea that would make the presentation memorable would be to put the jewelry into a delftware box.

Delft necklace for the bride or bridesmaids

Delft cufflinks for the groom or ushers

Delftware will also make a wonderful gift for the bridal couple and shown below are two ideas, the first one is a commemorative plate that can be personalize with the bride and groom’s names and the wedding date and the second one is a wedding bell shaped Christmas ornament.

I hope that you enjoyed the ideas and suggestions
for incorporating delftware into a Blue Wedding.