A Blue Wedding – ideas and suggestions

This will be the third post in the ongoing series about the annual Pantone color of the year.   Every year the Pantone Color Institute selects a color that will set the trends for home decorations, fashion and also weddings for that year.  The Pantone Color for 2020 is called Classic Blue and it is beautiful deep blue shade; the color evokes feelings of serenity, calmness and tranquility.    

The Pantone Classic Blue color would be a great wedding color to use particularly for a beach/summer wedding, the color would pair beautifully with either silver or gold accents. Using the color as inspiration, in this post I will discuss several ideas and suggestions for creating blue wedding decorations for the ceremony and reception as well as bridal accessories including beautiful bridal bouquets and other blue items that could be incorporated in the wedding design.     

Ceremony decorations

The classic blue color would be lovely for most indoor or outdoor wedding ceremony; the color would look very regal in a grand ballroom or would contrast beautifully for a garden ceremony or would also look wonderful for a beach wedding.  

The photo below shows a floral arch for an outdoor tent wedding, notice that the flowers used include not only the classic blue color of the hydrangeas but also lighter and darker shades of other blue flowers.  Although this arch was used for an outdoor ceremony, it could also be used for an indoor ceremony but the height of the ceiling and any other venue restrictions need to be taken into consideration.   

Shown below is a photo for a blue chiffon chair sash to be used at a wedding ceremony.   This style of chair sash would look great on the end chairs of each row for a beautiful aisle decoration but if the wedding budget will allow the chair sashes could really make a bold color statement if used on each chair at the ceremony. 

Below are shown two ideas for aisle decorations, the first would use a classic white aisle runner that would look lovely with blue rose petals scattered along the edges.  The second idea would use a bold classic blue aisle runner and this choice would make a sharp contrast to the bride’s white wedding dress definitely making her the focus as she walked down the aisle. 

Reception decorations

Classic blue decorations would look beautiful for a wedding reception in a grand ballroom but would also look great for an outdoor garden reception during the day or under a tent at a beach reception.  Shown below are two different styles of floral centerpieces, the first shows a simple low arrangement of blue and white flowers.  The second style is a tall floral centerpiece using an arrangement of blue and white flowers with a glass vase. 
Special Note: When selecting options for a wedding day and making decisions regarding weather conditions, keep in mind that if the reception is taking place on the beach the wind could topple high floral arrangements so low centerpieces would probably be a better choice to avoid any unpleasant accidents.  

If the wedding budget will allow, consider upgrading to a style of tablecloth that would add a textural element to the guest tables.  Shown below are two examples of classic blue tablecloths, the first is a pintuck style and the second is a beautiful rosette style. 
Special note:  If the wedding budget is limited the plain satin tablecloths for the guest tables would look great but maybe you can consider selecting one of these other styles for the cake table only to showcase the wedding cake.   

Shown below are relatively inexpense butterflies that can be purchased in bulk to used for wedding reception decorations for guest tables at each place setting either resting on crisp white napkins or dangling from tall floral centerpieces with clear fishing line to give the appearance that they are fluttering in the air above the table.  This same idea of the butterflies suspended from above would also look very enchanting from a ball room chandelier or over a reception dance floor. 

The next classic blue wedding items pertain to food items, the first features a white tiered wedding cake with blue fondant roses.  

The classic blue butterflies mentioned previously could also be used instead of the blue roses and placed on each tier of the white wedding cake.  Another idea instead of the blue roses would be a cake topper of ceramic blue birds, such as the one shown below.

Bridal accessories and other wedding items

A subtle way to add a touch of “something blue” would a pair of beautiful classic blue strap pumps peeking out from under the brides white wedding dress, these shoes are by Badgley Mischka.

To compliment the blue pumps shown above, the perfect bridal accessory would be a lovely set of diamond, pearl and sapphire earrings.

Another bridal accessory to add a “something blue” would be a set of bridal garters, one to keep and one to toss to the single ladies, the ones shown below are from Weddbook.

Blue flowers can also be used for a bride’s bouquet and shown below is a loose tied bouquet that features shades of blue and white flowers. 

Shown below are two several ideas for classic blue items for the flower girl and the ring bearer.

Delftware is a specific style of blue and white pottery that was first made in the early 17th century in Holland and would coordinate beautifully with a classic blue theme wedding.  For more information about the history of Delftware and also some great ideas and suggestions for incorporating this style into a wedding, click on the link.