Ideas for Unusual Ring Presentations

Previously in the post the History of Wedding Rings I discussed the origin and history of the wedding custom.  That post was followed by a two part series about the British Royal Family Wedding Rings starting with Queen Victoria in Part One through to one of the most recent, Catherine Middleton the Duchess of Cambridge in Part Two.The ring bearer is traditionally a young boy between the ages of four and eight that carries the wedding rings during the ceremony procession.  In the Ring Bearer post I offered some ideas and suggestions for classic ring pillows.

In this post I will offer some very different and unusual ideas for the wedding ring presentation, such as the use of family heirlooms like a childhood teddy bear or an old sweater made into a ring pillow. Some of these items could add an interesting element to a wedding ceremony while other items will fit with a particular wedding theme, such as a seashell, or a bird’s nest.

Unusual Ring Presentation Ideas

Classic ring pillows are a wonderful option for the ring bearer to carry but for a bride looking for something different shown below are several unusual items for a ring bearer to carry on a wedding day.

Shown below are two examples of ring pillows made with sentimental items –
a father or grandfather’s shirt (left) and sweater (right)

A “something old” item for the ring bearer to carry would be a childhood teddy bear
(for additional security, attach the rings with a ribbon)

Another “something old” item for the ring bearer
to carry would be an old family bible (the wedding rings can be tied on with a ribbon)

Shown above is a heart-shaped hallowed out book to hold the wedding rings

Shown below are three examples of customized wooden boxes
for the ring bearer to carry the wedding rings

A childhood ballerina musical box could be used to hold the wedding ring

A toy truck could be used to hold the wedding rings
(after the wedding the ring bearer could keep it as a gift from the bridal couple)

Two examples for the ring bearer to carry the wedding rings for an outdoor wedding –
wood and moss “pillow” (left) and a bird’s nest (right)


 Three examples of seashell items to hold the wedding rings

A coconut used to hold the wedding rings (would be perfect for a Hawaiian wedding!)

Two whimsical items that could be used to attach the wedding rings
lock and key (top) and a bell (bottom)


Shown below are photos of a very special dog ring bearer,
this idea has become very popular and it is a wonderful way to include the family pet.


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