More Unusual Ring Presentations

Previously I have written several posts regarding wedding rings, the first post of the series was about the History of Wedding Rings which was followed by two part series about the British Royal Family Wedding Rings starting with Queen Victoria in Part One through to one of the most recent, Catherine Middleton the Duchess of Cambridge in Part Two.  In another post, The Ring Bearer, I discussed the history of this wedding custom and offer some ideas and suggestions for traditional and classic ring pillows.  The most recent post in the series offered ideas and suggestions for Unusual Ring Presentations.

In this post I will discuss even more ring presentations which will include unique ideas such as trinket boxes, pocket watches, cigarette cases, cosmetic compacts and lockets.  Generally, a ring bearer will carry the wedding rings on a traditional ring pillow for a wedding ceremony but it is not required.  Another alternative is for the best man and/or the maid/matron of honor to hold the wedding rings until the ring exchange portion of the wedding ceremony.

Trinket boxes

A beautiful and decorative small trinket box would be a lovely way to hold the wedding rings.  A trinket box by definition is usually a special box used to store small items or mementos.  The first thing to consider when selecting a trinket box for a wedding is the size because it should be small enough for the best man to slip into a pant or vest pocket and/or for the maid/matron of honor to hold in her hand or placed into a small purse that she would carry during the procession into the ceremony venue.

The next thing to consider is that trinket boxes are available in all different shapes.  When selecting one to use for the wedding rings consider the theme and location of the ceremony.  Perhaps the trinket box could be decorated in a coordinating color, such as one with the same colors as the wedding flowers.

Shown below are some examples of trinket boxes used to hold the wedding rings.

Silver heart-shaped trinket box

Gold & rhinestone round trinket box

 shown below are two examples of Tiffany enamel trinket boxes  

 Another example of a Tiffany enamel trinket box   Two examples of whimsical themed trinket boxes
which would be perfect for a fairytale wedding
or a destination wedding in a tropical location such as Hawaii

Pocket watches

Pocket watches would make another great alternative for a best man to hold the wedding rings.  By definition a pocket watch is simply a small timepiece carried in a pocket which were first used during the 15th or 16th century.  Pocket watches would often be attached to a chain which would then be secured to a vest, the lapel of a jacket or the belt loop of trousers, sometimes a fob (a short leather strap would be used to cover and protect the crystal face of the pocket watch.

In general pocket watches come in two different styles with an open crystal face or with a hinged metal cover.  It is the second type of watch that would be perfect for the best man to use to hold the wedding rings for a ceremony.

As shown below in the example, an empty pocket watch without the internal watch mechanisms would be used to hold the wedding rings.  There are many excellent sources for finding an old pocket watch for this purpose, such as second-hand or thrift stores and I have even come across empty pocket watch style containers in craft stores.

When selecting a pocket watch to use as a wedding ring holder it is important to consider the size.  The interior should not only be wide enough to fit the wedding ring(s) but also the height is also important especially for a large diamond setting.

an example for a pocket watch used as a wedding ring holder

Cigarette Cases

Another unusual alternative suggestion for a best man and/or a maid/matron of honor to use for carrying the wedding rings would be a vintage cigarette case.  Centuries ago the original purpose of a cigarette case was to protect cigarettes from being crushed in a man’s pocket or lady’s purse.  Then throughout the years cigarette cases became more decorative and the designs were a way of expressing an owner’s personality as a fashion statement.

When selecting a cigarette case to use for the wedding rings it to would be important  to consider the overall style, theme and location of the wedding ceremony and reception.  Cigarette cases are available in a variety of stores, such as antique stores.

shown below are two examples of vintage cigarette cases

shown below are two examples of beautiful antique Fabergé cigarette cases

shown below is a beautiful example of a lady’s art deco style cigarette case

Cosmetic Compact

The final suggestion for an alternative wedding rings holder is a cosmetic compact which could be carried by the maid/matron of honor.  Dating back to the early 1900s a cosmetic compact was usually a small hinged round metal case that would contain pressed or loose face powder with a powder puff (used for application) on one side and sometimes a mirror on the other side.  As make-up gained wider acceptance throughout the years a cosmetic compact became more elaborate in design and beautiful decorated compacts were produced by well-known jewelry companies, such as Cartier and Tiffany.

When selecting a vintage cosmetic compact to use for the wedding rings it to would be important to consider the overall style, theme and location of the wedding ceremony and reception.  A wide selection of cosmetic compacts ranges from very simple metal to more decorative ones.  Other compacts can come in a variety of shapes, such as heart-shaped and even ones resembling a small purse.

an example of a vintage cosmetic case

a lovely example of an embellished cosmetic compact

a beautiful 1930s Russian compact

a charming 1920s silver purse compact

As you can see from the various examples of trinket boxes, pocket watches, cigarette cases and cosmetic compacts, the selection of unusual containers used to hold the wedding rings in unlimited.