A Yellow and Gray Wedding – Ideas and Suggestions

In the ongoing series about the annual Pantone color of the year, this post will be about the colors selected for 2021.  Every year the Pantone Color Institute selects a color that will set the trend for home decorations, fashion and also weddings for that year.  For this year Pantone has selected two colors, Illuminating 13-0647 which is a sunny and bright yellow and Ultimate Gray 17-5104 which complements as well as contrasts.     

The Pantone colors of Illuminating and Ultimate gray can work together to create a wedding palette that would be lovely used for a Spring wedding.  Think about yellow roses for a bridal bouquet, yellow bridesmaids/flower girl dresses and gray suits for the groomsmen.  Using these colors as inspiration, in this post I will include ideas and suggestions for creating yellow and gray wedding decorations for the ceremony and reception as well as bridal accessories and other items that could be incorporated into the wedding design.     

Ceremony decorations

The yellow and gray color combination could be used for either an indoor or outdoor wedding ceremony and reception.  My suggestion would be to use the yellow as the dominate color and the gray as an accent color. 

The first idea, shown in the photo below, is a beautiful floral arch with yellow roses, white roses and eucalyptus leaves on a white wood fame that would be the perfect backdrop for an outdoor wedding ceremony.  This arch could also be used for an indoor ceremony but the height of the ceiling and any other venue restrictions need to be taken into consideration.    

Gray chairs, such as the chiavari shown in the photo below, could be used for seating at the ceremony.

Yellow roses and ivy could be used as chair decorations, as shown in the photo below, which would coordinate beautifully with the floral arch and look great on the end chairs of each row for a beautiful aisle decoration.

Reception decorations

Yellow and gray decorations would look beautiful for a wedding reception in an outdoor garden but would also look great indoors for a grand ballroom reception.  Shown below are two different styles of floral centerpieces for the guest tables.  The first shows a simple low arrangement of yellow roses, white flowers and greenery in a glass bowl. 

The second style is a tall floral centerpiece using an arrangement of yellow roses and orchids placed atop a glass vase.

White table linens and gray chiavari chairs could be used for the guest tables.  Silverware, crystal stemware and silver plate chargers could also be used to create a simple and elegant style incorporating the yellow and gray theme.

The next yellow and gray wedding ideas pertain to food items.  The first wedding cake shown below features a classic white cake with yellow roses cascading down the multiple tiers.  A beautiful silver cake stand is used for a lovely finishing touch. 

The second example shown below is of a gray and white frosted wedding cake accented with yellow roses. 

Another idea shown below features yellow and gray macarons stacked on a simple white plate for an additional desert that could be served at the wedding reception.

Bridal accessories and other wedding items

The next few items are wedding accessories and other wedding items for the bride, groom, bridesmaids, flower girl and groomsmen that feature the colors of yellow and gray.

Shown below is an example of a bridal bouquet that beautifully combines yellow roses and a gray satin wrap with rhinestones used for the handle. 

The next idea is an example yellow pump to add a surprising pop of color for the bride to wear under her wedding dress. (maybe a yellow sating ribbon could be added at the waist of the wedding dress)                                            

For a very comfortable choice for shoes, the bride and her attendants can change into a pair of yellow Converse.  Another idea to add some fun would be for the groomsmen to wear yellow high top Converse. (let’s be honest, formal wedding shoes can hurt after wearing them for several hours so why not change into some more comfortable for the wedding reception)

In keeping with the topic of footwear, another more subtle way to add a pop of yellow and gray tartan socks for the groom and his attendants.

Shown below is an example of a pretty yellow dress for the bridesmaids and perfect for a Spring wedding.

Shown below is an example of flowergirl dress (I love a flower girl in a white dress and the yellow sash and fabric flower at the waist is the perfect way to add yellow!)

A great way to incorporate yellow and gray for a groom and his attendants is a gray suit and a yellow tie which would coordinate beautifully with bridesmaids wearing yellow dresses.

The next few items are jewlery for the bride, groom and their attendants.  The first is yellow diamond earrings for a bride.

Not to be left out, shown below are a pair of yellow diamond cuff links for the groom to wear on his special day. 

A great gift idea would be a yellow stone necklace for the bridesmaids, the one shown below is from the Kendra Scott collection.

Of course other accessories items could include a yellow bridal garter, a yellow clutch to carry those essential items on a wedding day or a yellow scarf to wear for a chilly evening wedding.

The last item is just a fun idea and it would be a yellow nail polish, the example shown below is from OPI. (if you are not daring enough to use it for your fingernails you can you it for your toenails but be sure to take a group photo of the bride and attendants showing off the polish!)

So, as you can see from the numerous examples given in this post there are is a large variety of items that can be used to create a beautiful yellow and gray wedding.