Wedding Reception – Escort Card Table Display Ideas

In this post I will discuss various ideas for an Escort Card Display Tables which will include both formal and informal styles ranging from elegant to whimsical.  By definition an escort card is a small piece of stationery laid out at the entrance to a wedding reception venue indicating where the guests will be seated.  By tradition an escort card is a folded card upon which the guest’s name and table number are written but in recent years bridal couples have become very creative in how the escort cards are displayed. (For more information and creative ideas for Escort Cards, please click on the link)

In essence the escort card displays have become a wonderful way to further express the wedding theme style and colors.  The simplest and most traditional idea for an escort card display is to arrange the cards on a table which could be round, square or rectangular in shape.  Usually a large floral arrangement is placed in the center of a round table or to the back of a square or rectangular table which can be placed against a wall.  To further embellish the table, a beautiful tablecloth can also be used and for an evening reception candles would be a lovely addition. 

Shown below are several example of a traditional style round escort card table

Shown below is an example using a round table with family photos

Shown below is an unusual and beautiful multi-tiered floral table

Another idea for an Escort Card Display is to use large frames in which the escort cards are attached for the wedding guests to use to find their table seating at the reception.

Shown below is an example of a gold frame with moss and flowers.

a variation to using individual escort cards would be to list the guests for each table,
 as shown in the example below

Now, let’s discuss more creative or unusual styles featuring escort card displays or guest seating charts which would be a perfect opportunity for the bridal couple to express their personalities. 

an old window with the guest seating chart

shutters with the escort cards placed between the slates

a great idea for a garden wedding using a wheelbarrow

another idea for a garden wedding would be using hanging leaf escort cards

table guest lists attached to wine bottles would be perfect for a vineyard wedding

another idea for a vineyard wedding would be
wine corks in a frame with guest table lists attached

an old boat with escort cards would be great for a lake wedding

a surfboard with the guest table lists would be a fun idea for a beach wedding

headboard of a bed placed on a table for added height
and displayed with a lovely floral arrangement and silver items

a dressing table with the guest table seating listed on china plates..

a frame with moss and the guest names and table assignments
written on opened vintage books

an old farmstyle table with hanging vintage handkerchiefs
with tags attached and written with the guest names and table assignments