Movie Weddings – “Star Wars: The Attack of the Clones”

In this post I will discuss the wedding dress worn by Padme Amidala when she married Anakin Skywalker in the 2002 “Star Wars: Attack of the Clones” film.  The brief wedding scene comes at the end of the film and the beautiful dress has become something that people really remember as probably one of the most iconic movie costumes in recent times.!  But before I talk about Amidala’s dress, let’s set the scene for how and when the wedding takes place.

“Attack of the Clones” is the second film of the prequels in the Star Wars series.  In the movie the galaxy is on the brink of civil war with the Galactic Republic and the Separatists.   Anakin (a Jedi apprentice) and Amidala (recently elected Queen of Naboo before becoming a Senator for the Chommell sector in the Galactic Republic Senate) have traveled to Geonosis in an attempt to save the Jedi Master, Obi-Wan Kenobi.  The pair has fallen in love but it must be keep a secret because, as a Jedi in training, Anakin would be expelled from the Jedi Order by the Jedi Council if a romance was discovered.  In the final scene of the movie Amidala and Anakin are secretly married on a terrace overlooking a picturesque lake with two droids looking on as witnesses, C3PO and R2D2.  (Special Note: The wedding scene was filmed at the Villa Balbianello in Lenno, Italy which overlooking the beautiful Lake Como)

So, now let’s discuss the beautiful wedding dress of Padme Amidala.

The dress was created by the film’s costume designer Trisha Biggar and is a lovely A-line full-length gown made from ivory silk fabric with a delicate overlay of antique ivory lace attached to antique tulle that is accented with hand-beaded with seed pearls.  In addition to the lace, 300 yards of French knit braid were used in an intricate pattern to further embellish the dress.  (Special Note: The inspiration for the gown came from an antique lace bedspread that the costume designer had found in a local store)

The perfect matching full-length coat is worn open to reveal the dress underneath and features blowing elbow-length sleeves that taper to the wrists with the French knit braid arranged in the same swirling pattern that was used on the dress.  The coat has a slight train and the material used is the same as the dress and edged in more antique lace which is accented with ivory pearls.

The stunning wedding veil of Amidala features lace material gathered onto the head to create a cap with a gentle scallop hem falling across the forehead and to the waist down the back.  The cap is beautifully embellished with antique ivory silk flowers, hand-beaded pearls and nine pearl beaded swags accented teardrop pearls.  In the film, to complete the romantic look, Amidala wears her long hair falling loosely in soft curls.

It is Interesting to note that with the time in the distant future, the “Star Wars: Attack of the Clones” wedding dress of Amidala seems to have a definite vintage design influenced from the past, it has been said that the film’s costume designer created the dress to reflect an Edwardian-era style.

Upon looking specifically at the wedding veil of Amidala, it is very similar in the design style of the one worn by Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon when she married Prince Albert (the future King George VI) in 1923.  Although the material used is significantly different, the veil’s draping onto the forehead and the way it frames the eyes is the same.

In my opinion, when I look at Amidala’s wedding dress I think that it looks like it dates back even further in time.  The design to me is very reminiscent of a medieval style of dress that a young maiden would wear when marrying her “knight in shining amour”.

Here are two vintage sewing patterns that could be used to replicate a similar style of wedding dress and veil of Amidala’s film version.