Wedding Cake Display Ideas – Part One

On the wedding day the cake is usually prominently displayed at the reception venue.  (For more information on the History of Wedding Cakes, please click on the link)  In this post I will offer several ideas for displaying a wedding cake.  I will offer some suggestions that show a variety of tablecloths ranging from simple to more elaborate styles and also some ideas for unique furniture or other items to be used instead of the more traditional cake table which can add a special element to a wedding reception.  (For additional ideas and suggestions regarding wedding cake stands, please click on Wedding Cake Display Ideas – Part Two)

Tablecloth ideas for a wedding cake table

The wedding cake is usually placed onto the center of a table which is covered with a tablecloth, either plain white, color or pattern which can be made in cotton, tulle, silk, satin, brocade or other luxurious fabric.  The tablecloth can be even more elaborate in style and embellished with embroidery, pearls, crystals, etc.  There are a vast variety of tablecloths that can be selected for a wedding cake table, purchased standard or custom-made, and still another option is to use a vintage tablecloth.  Usually the color and style chosen for the wedding cake tablecloth will coordinate with the ones used on the guest dining tables at the reception venue.

Shown below are several examples of wedding cake tablecloths
ranging from the simple to the sublime

a basic white tablecloth with the excess fabric “puddled” at the bottom

a simple tablecloth made with tulle

a colored tablecloth with a lace overlay

a pale gold sequin tablecloth

a luxurious tablecloth embellished with large fabric flowers

a simple white tablecloth decorated with floral and greenery swags

a cake table covered entirely in flowers

an example of a wedding cake table covered with several vintage tablecloths

Furniture or other items used as a non-traditional wedding cake table

Tables for wedding cake display are generally rental tables, either supplied by a rental company or provided by the reception venue.  The most frequent used shape is a round table but other shapes can also be used, such as oval, square, rectangular.  Sometimes, to add a unique element to the wedding reception, the bridal couple will  select furniture or other items to be used instead of the traditional cake table.

Shown below are several examples of non-traditional wedding cake tables

an old dresser used as a cake table

a vintage sewing table

a charming tea table

a wine barrel

a stack of wooden boxes with the wedding cake artfully “framed”

Elaborate wedding cake displays

Sometimes the choice is made to have a more elaborate wedding cake display.  These displays can vary from the elegant canopies embellished with flowers or hanging crystals to more rustic canopies formed using wooden branches.

Shown below are some examples of more elaborate wedding cake displays

an elegant canopy of flowers and hanging crystals

an elaborate floral canopy

a rustic canopy formed from tree branches and topped with a floral arrangement

a vintage swing embellished with flowers

an outdoor wedding cake display using a canopy of tulle topped with a ring of flowers (the light material also serves as bug protection when closed)

a simple pedestal covered with a floral arrangement

a floral hanging wedding cake display

a hanging wedding cake display with crystals

For more ideas and suggestions for selecting wedding cake stands, please click on the link to Wedding Cake Display Ideas – Part Two.  The post will show a variety of cake stands ranging from simple to more elaborate styles.