A Coral Wedding – ideas and suggestions

This post will be the second in the ongoing series about the annual Pantone color of the year.  The Pantone Color for 2019 is called Living Coral and it is a warm pinkish red-orange shade which is the color of a type of sea reef animal known as coral. 

The Pantone Living Coral color would be a great wedding color and in this post I will include ideas and suggestions for creating lovely coral wedding decorations for the ceremony and reception as well as bridal accessories including beautiful bridal bouquets and other coral items that could be incorporated into the wedding design.     

Ceremony decorations

The color coral would be a wonderful for either an indoor or outdoor wedding ceremony and would be especially pretty in the late summer or early fall.  Shown in the photos below are two ideas for chair decorations to use at a wedding ceremony.  The first one shows a floral arrangement of coral flowers and greenery attached to the chair; this would look very pretty for the end chairs bordering the aisle.  The second photo shows a coral chair wrap, this look would look great not only for a wedding ceremony but also for the chairs at a reception. 

Reception decorations

Coral reception decorations would beautifully contrast with guest tables set with crisp white tablecloths for an indoor or outdoor reception.  Shown below is a photo set with a low centerpiece of coral roses and greenery and coordinating coral napkins. 

The next photo shows a wonderful idea featuring a floral coral flower napkin ribbon which would be a lovely idea used with either white or coral napkins for the guest place settings at a wedding reception. 

In keeping with the coral color theme, shown below
is a simple white multi-tiered wedding cake featuring coral roses.

Below is a photo shown a beautiful floral embellish coral square tablecloth
layered on top of a simple white tablecloth and would be a great idea for a cake table.

Bridal accessories and other wedding items

As seen in the photo below, adding a coral ribbon sash
with a coral and white feather accent to a white wedding dress
is another great idea for a subtle touch of color. 

For just a pop of color coral shoes would also be a fun idea
for a bride to wear under her wedding dress

Coral roses can also be used for a bride’s bouquet and shown below are two variations of this idea.  The first features white and coral roses in a traditional style bouquet and the second features a bouquet created with all coral roses that could be used for a bridal bouquet or for the bridesmaids.

There was a lovely English tradition which dates back to the Regency period and the time of Jane Austen when the tradition was to give children coral necklaces to protect them.  So, shown below is a coral bead necklace that would be the perfect gift to give to a flower girl (or bridesmaids).       

Historical Note:  Princess Victoria (later to become Queen Victoria) had received a coral necklace as a child from her mother, the Duchess of Kent.  Later Queen Victoria continued the tradition with her own daughters.  Many years later, Princess Elizabeth (later to become Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother) also received a coral necklace as a child from her parents and this necklace would eventually be given to her daughter, Princess Elizabeth (later to become the current Queen Elizabeth II).  

These last few items take the theme of a coral wedding literally, the first shows three different types of resin coral that would look wonderful placed around the room of a reception room or on the guest tables or for a unique cake topper.

Shown below is a beaded coral napkin ring which would look great on a quest table!

Shown below is an idea for a ring pillow that features a coral pattern

So, as you can see from the numerous examples given in this post there are is a large variety of items that can be used to create a beautiful coral wedding.