A Purple Wedding – ideas and suggestions

This post will be the first in a series on the annual Pantone color of the year.  The Pantone Color Institute selects a color every year which sets the trend not only for home decorations but also weddings.  The Pantonecolor of the year for 2018 is called Ultra Violet and it is a deep purple shade.  The color purple long been associated with royalty and the meaning behind the color represents wealth and dignity.     

The Pantone Ultra Violet color would be a great wedding color to use just about any time of year. Using the olor as inspiration, in this post I will include ideas and suggestions for creating lovely purple wedding decorations for the ceremony and reception as well as bridal accessories including beautiful bridal bouquets and other purple items that could be incorporated in the wedding design.      

Ceremony decorations

The color purple would be a wonderful color for both an indoor or outdoor wedding ceremony and would be especially pretty in the fall but could also be used during any other time of year. 

The photo below shows a lovely garden gazebo decorated with an abundance purple flowers, notice that the table placed inside the gazebo is a coordinating but complementary shade of a lighter purple.  Although this gazebo is used for an outdoor ceremony, it could be used for an indoor ceremony but the height of the ceiling and any other venue restrictions need to be taken into consideration.     

Shown in the photos below are two ideas for chair decorations to use at a wedding ceremony.  The first one shows several different shades of purple flowers attached to the chair with a ribbon, it would coordinate beautifully with the gazebo floral arrangement.  The second photo shows a round floral ball made from purple hydrangeas hung from the chair with a ribbon.   

Reception decorations

Purple reception decorations would beautifully contrast with the lush green colors of an outdoor wedding receptionShown below are two ideas for tall centerpieces using various shades of purple flowers for reception guest tables.  Notice the first photo features a centerpiece in a silver stand placed on a table with purple candles on a white tablecloth and the second photo features a centerpiece in a glass container placed on a table with a deep purple tablecloth.    

Here are several ideas and suggestions for purple food items for a wedding reception.  The first is the classic white wedding cake with purple ribbon accents and a purple hydrangea cake topper.    

The color purple can also be used when selecting the type of champagne flutes for the wedding toast at the reception, shown below is a lovely set of purple Waterford crystal glasses. 

The next two food items would be great to serve with the wedding cake or on a dessert table.  The first are purple cake pops and the second are purple macaroons. 

Bridal accessories and other wedding items

A subtle way to add a touch of purple would be a simple purple ribbon tied to the waist of a white wedding dress.

To compliment the purple sash used with the white wedding dress above, the perfect bridal accessory would be a lovely set of diamond and amethyst earrings.

Purple flowers can also be used for a bride’s bouquet and shown below are two variations of this idea.  The first features pale purple roses and other purple flowers incorporated into a traditional style bouquet and the second features a bouquet created with purple and white tulips with lilacs that could be used for a bridal bouquet or in a smaller version for the bridesmaids.

Shown below are several ideas for purple dresses for bridesmaids and flower girl.

Finally, shown below are two variations for purple ring pillows, the first is a white ring pillow with purple satin and a rhinestone pin and the second is a purple ring pillow with a white flower.

So, as you can see from the numerous examples given in this post there are is a large variety of items that can be used to create a beautiful purple wedding.