Wedding flowers – Ferns

The 2017 Pantone color of the year is called Greenery (#15-0343) and it is a lovely shade of yellow-green that brings to mind the first days of spring.  The color can also be found in the beautiful ferns which are often used to decorate a home, particularly front porches or sunrooms. 

Using the Pantone color Greenery as an inspiration, in this post I will discuss the many different ways that ferns can be used for wedding decorations for a spring or summer ceremony and reception.  Ferns are a relatively inexpensive way to decorate because the plants can fill a lot of space in floral arrangements and generally do well in all kinds of weather conditions. 

Here are some great ideas and suggestions for using ferns for a wedding:


For a spring or summer wedding ceremony, ferns would look beautiful whether used for an indoor or outdoor venue.  Ferns can also be used for a formal style church wedding or a more rustic style for a farmhouse or barn setting.

Shown below is an idea for a lovely wedding floral arch and aisle border using ferns and flowers. Although it is used in an outdoor setting, the floral arch can also be used indoors in a church or ballroom.  

Shown below are two ideas for a formal style wedding,
the first is a floral arrangement and the other is aisle decorations.

Another idea for an aisle decoration a fern and rose arrangement attached to a chair

Shown below are two ideas for a more rustic style wedding,
the first is a fern placed in a wine barrel and the second are ferns
and succulents placed on wooden stumps

Another idea for a simple rustic ceremony decoration
using grapevine wreaths and fern sprigs

Shown below are a beautiful idea for a bridal bouquet using ferns and lily of the valley flowers and a groom boutonniere that would be perfect for a spring or summer wedding.

Reception decorations

Ferns would be a lovely idea for a spring or summer wedding reception for either an indoor or outdoor venue. The first example is for a daytime wedding reception that could be held in an outdoor tent or indoors in a large room.  The tall table arrangement that features a large fern set on a round table. 

Shown below is a daytime reception in a tent
with large hanging ferns used as simple decorations

Shown below is an example for a place setting, a fern sprig tucked into a white napkin

The next two ideas could be used for a formal evening reception held in a ballroom.  In the first photo a hallway is decorated with white draping, crystal chandeliers and ferns mixed with flowers.  The second photo shows a long reception table with crystal chandeliers hanging above, a long table set with a white tablecloth and a floral arrangement of ferns and flowers running down the length of the table.  This idea would be perfect for a bridal party table where the bride and groom are sitting with their bridesmaids and ushers.

Shown below are several examples of ferns used for wedding cake decorations,
the first shows artificial ferns and the second show ferns made of sugar paste.

The final example of shows a wedding cake with fern icing and
to add the rustic feeling the cake is set on a wood platter with moss
and then placed on a wine barrel.

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